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Romantic Cake | Rolling in Dough | Delivery

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Classically designed romantic cake comes back this season! The Lambeth method of cake decorating is again in style. It is an over-piping technique of creating layers and layers of Italian meringue buttercream swags, dollops, ruffles and strokes in a repetitive eye-pleasing pattern. Bring home a deliciously moist cake to delight that special loved one, a love story just like they did back in the day.

Each swirl, drape and swag thoughtfully designed to create a swoon-worthy wow moment.

Customize: Size, Flavor (Chocolate cake, Vanilla cake, and Marble layer cakes)

Designs and color may slightly vary, no two cake decorators are the same. All cakes are between 5-7" in height and maybe placed in a board 4" more than the diameter. Please make arrangements for refrigeration and appropriate transport. The best place is the floor of the passenger-side seat.

Cake care: All cakes are held together with real whipped butter. Refrigerate immediately, pull it out for an hour before serving to give butter a chance to soften.

 Celebration servings:

6": up to 8 servings

8": up to 12

10": up to 24

Valentine's Day 2024

ALLERGEN ALERT: Our facility manufactures allergens. Product may contain egg, milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts and coconut. We recommend that those with food related allergies take the necessary precaution.