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Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls | BESTSELLER | Vegas Favorite

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Ana Sullivan
Puff puff rules!

This would be 2nd time I placed an order for my elderly sister and brother-in-law in Vegas. They could not stop talking about those cinnamon roles! They used the wording “exquisite pastry “ continuously throughout several conversations in 2 days. It made their day and we felt good about ordering from this bakery. We will be in Vegas in a couple of months and plan to stop by and try out these “exquisite puff cinnamon rolls” for ourselves. Not to mention try out their other wonderful pastries!

Gertrude Leboninski
The Sin-amon Roll

Excuse the pun but these puff pastry cinnamon rolls are down right sinful they're so delicious. I was skeptical at first about a cinnamon roll made from puff pastry but now I am a changed woman!

This buttery cinnamon roll is made with laminated dough- buttery dough that is spread so thinly, then folded over and over and over again to create multiple layers of crunch, flaky goodness.  

It is not bread. Puff pastry may bake in a tight spiral or may decide to bake out up to 7" in diameter.

Oh and we iced with sugar glaze. 

Microwave for 30 second increments as to not burn the sugar.

This bakery manufactures all allergens.