chocolate was discovered in 1764 chocolate lovers decadent chocolate cake with cream cheese and Oreo mousse chocolate buttercream ganache top drip sifted cocoa powder
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1764 | Delivery | Celebration Cake

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We found out that chocolate was discovered in 1764. So we called this cake that for all you chocolate lovers out there. It's our decadent chocolate cake with cream cheese and Oreo mousse. Then we covered it in our house chocolate buttercream, then did a ganache top drip, then, then, then we sifted cocoa powder on top just in case it was not enough chocolate. You can never be too sure, you know?

*Designs and color may slightly vary, no two cake decorators are the same. All cakes are between 5-7" in height. Please make arrangements for refrigeration and appropriate transport. The best place is the floor of the passenger-side seat, keep the temperature below 74F.

Cake care: All cakes are held together with real whipped butter. Refrigerate immediately, pull it out for an hour before serving to give butter a chance to soften. 

 6" cakes serve up to 8 and comes in a 10x10 box.