5 Carats
5 Carats
5 Carats

5 Carats

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Ha-ha. 5 Carats, get it? Cause it's a carrot cake with cream cheese. Ha-ha-ha!

Our carrot cake is BOMB DIGITTY! It has all the allergens know to man though, be careful- okay maybe not shellfish products though.

Anyway, BOMB DIGITTY. We tried selling the recipe but we couldn't cause it was THAT good.

I'm going to need you to give this a try.


*Designs and color may slightly vary, no two cake decorators are the same. All cakes are between 5-7" in height. Please make arrangements for refrigeration and appropriate transport. The best place is the floor of the passenger-side seat, keep the temperature below 74F.

Cake care: All cakes are held together with real whipped butter. Refrigerate immediately, pull it out for an hour before serving to give butter a chance to soften. 

 6" cakes serve up to 8 and comes in a 10x10 box.