What is a groom's cake?

Ooooh. This is a hot topic our brides often ask us about.

Groom's cake and wedding cakes what is

Traditionally, way back in Victorian England, groom's cake was a dense, fruity cake served with the bride's lighter, spongier wedding cake. fast forward to the 19th century, the southern states have popularized it into red velvet armadillos as seen in the movie Steele Magnolias. It continually evolves to whatever flavor the groom enjoys and designed in any shape. The most popular ones we have done are beer cakes, whisky bottles, sports themed cakes and other fun hobbies.

Our favorite ones are food themed cakes like Orange Chicken in a Panda Express take out container, Taco Bell, and Dino Nuggies. We think that a grooms cake is best when its silly. It provides such entertainment to wedding guests and shows more of the couple's personality rather than the usually cookie cutter wedding.

These days, our brides try to book one with us in secret as a gift to her beloved on the wedding day. Yes, ladies. Please call us after the wedding tasting so we can talk portions, design and flavors for the best man in the world! Now that we are adding more cake, we will be discussing if you'd like the groom's cake will affect the wedding cake portions.

Thank you Josh and Tiffany for the opportunity to serve you on your big day! and thank you to one our favorite photographers, Kristen Marie Photography for always showing our craft in the best light! You are truly an artist! https://kristenmarieweddings.com/



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