Parties in the time of Covid 19

As a bakery, we are a part of all your parties and get-togethers. We would like to share our thoughts on how we can help slow the spread of COVID-19. Here in Las Vegas, we are currently allowed to have gatherings up to 250 people in a hall but continually practicing social distancing and mask-wearing. With this in mind, we have a couple of pro tips for everyone. Assuming you are the host of the gathering, we want to make sure all your guests receive maximum enjoyment and go home COVID free.

  1. CHOICE OF CATERING AND DESSERTS: Please choose a reputable source for the food you serve. If you are preparing food yourself, make sure you take extra precautions as if you are a commercial kitchen by following SNHD guidelines. 
  2. INDIVIDUAL PACKAGING: Consider packing food in bags or containers instead of family-style servings to limit improper food handling. Ask your caterer/ bakery if they offer this service.
  3. BACKYARD EVENTS: A new trend we've noticed is that more parties are now celebrated in backyards. When purchasing a cake serving that many people, consider getting a trio design instead of tiered cakes so that they are not hard to store in your refrigerator and are easy for anyone to transport.
  4. REFRIGERATION: Ask your caterer/bakery how much space you need in your refrigeration so that you can make plans ahead
  5. SAFETY CAKE: Our best one yet! Please order our complementary safety cake when you have a birthday party with guests outside family you live with. Blow out a candle on that safety cake instead of the one meant to share with everyone. 

We miss parties and meetings, but safety comes first!



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