Kinds of Guest Favors

Hello, party people! Our 2024 trend has been shifting some cake servings into dessert bars. Our couples who are not cake people will usually choose the smallest cake to cut for their ceremony and do a dessert. 

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Side note: There has been talk about doing desserts instead of not purchasing cake for the wedding because "people don't eat it anyway". My answer to that is... Well, have they had our cake? Probably not. Most weddings get a cake within package- this is where they may cut costs, giving couples sub par cakes: shortening based buttercream and cakes baked 2 weeks ago. End of side note.

There are numerous bakery treats that are commonly used as guest favors due to their appeal and versatility. Here are a few examples:

sugar cookie

1. Decorated Sugar Cookies: Decorated sugar cookies are a classic choice for guest favors. They can be shaped and decorated to match the theme of the event, such as wedding dresses, hearts, or baby booties. The cookies are often beautifully frosted and intricately designed, making them both visually appealing and delicious.

2. Macarons: Macarons have gained significant popularity in recent years as elegant and delicate treats. These meringue-based cookies come in a variety of flavors and colors, making them versatile for matching any event's color scheme. Guests appreciate their light and airy texture, along with the burst of flavor in each bite.

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3. Cupcakes: Cupcakes are adored by guests of all ages. These bite-sized treats can be customized with different cake flavors, frostings, and toppings. They can be beautifully displayed and packaged, making them an eye-catching and delectable favor.

4. Cake Pops: Cake pops are a fun and portable treat that guests can enjoy on the go. These bite-sized balls of cake are coated in chocolate or candy melts and can be decorated with sprinkles, drizzles, or customized designs. They offer a playful and delightful favor option.

5. Mini Pies or Tarts: Miniature pies or tarts make for charming and delicious guest favors. They can be filled with various flavors, such as fruit fillings or creamy custards. These petite treats are often packaged individually and can be personalized with decorative labels or ribbons.

6. Gourmet Cookies: Gourmet cookies, such as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or peanut butter cookies, are always a hit. These classic treats can be elevated by using premium ingredients, unique flavors, or incorporating special touches like adding a personalized message or monogram.

Remember, the choice of bakery treats as guest favors can vary depending on personal preferences, the theme of the event, and any dietary restrictions or preferences of your guests. Working with a professional bakery can help you select the perfect treats that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

We have our own bestsellers and favorites here at Rolling in Dough. Just give us a call for recommendations! 

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