International Women’s Day: Relevant today, in our bakery

I have been blessed with working with all kinds of women past and present, who I truly and deeply respect. I speak as a former educator, a predominantly a female profession, and as an entrepreneur in my bakery. When you work with women all day-everyday as I do, you see it -- the need to celebrate International Women’s Day.

When we celebrate international women’s day, some may think it to be a day for collective shame, guilt, or penance. Let's face it, that is just so negative! The truth is that there are very real barriers for women, as well as other marginalized groups. Lets set aside the culture of about whataboutme-ism. Instead, use this day to collectively recognize we can be better by celebrating the contributions of women and pave the road for future generations. Though our struggles may be different, our hearts and minds are able to cross both time and distance to be one.

This Women’s Day, Rolling in Dough has teamed up with Alex and Ani Las Vegas to offer a 25% discount for their products and service. Details are available on our instagram post here. Additionally, we will be sponsoring a 1 dozen cookie giveaway by Rapper Malaynah to remind everyone that all women have a voice. We must continue to celebrate the femme fatale trailblazers who have paved the way for our daughters, and that you -- YES YOU -- can make a difference. We are empowered women seeking to always empower other women. We recognize those that have come before us and our responsibility for future generations.

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