How to cut cake? How much cake do I need?

Ooooh, this one is such a controversial topic on our end.

There are multiple theories of mind when it comes to this so there is no one standard way to approach this. Here is our take on it...

Rolling in Dough as a company will always have the guest's best interest in mind. That being said, we always ask 1. Who is cutting the cake, who is eating the cake and do they actually like cake? 

Each slice is different depending on who is cutting it. For example, my mom, Trini is a very generous, overly doting grandma who thinks that a plate of cake is the perfect amount for each person. On the other hand, there is my Tita Fem who is very health conscious and is constantly watching her sweet intake. These two lovely ladies are so different. My mom will serve 5"x 5" slices, where as my Tita Fem will serve slivers of cake. 

Banquet captains are also very different in the way they cut, there are some 1"x1" servings that are more generous than others. When working with a venue, always ask if there is someone on staff that is strained to cut cake. If there is, you can rest assured that your small cake will serve everyone on your guestlist. Please also consider in making your decision, many of our kitchens have been greatly understaffed since the pandemic. We've heard of some experiences where in the "trained to cut cake" staff called out and not everyone at the party got cake. That makes us so sad for our celebrants knowing how much they really wanted everyone to take a part of the lovely cake they ordered.

Another uncomfortable part of this blog is when people, even the best wedding planners, advice you not to get a large cake (even if it is the perfect size to serve the amount of guests coming) because it just gets thrown out and goes to waste. We 100% agree- if you're getting cake from NOT US. Okay, okay we're overbearing and full of ourselves, we know this, accept it and own it. Hear me out though, your cake will get thrown out if the cake is NOT yummy. Who wants to eat bucket icing and frozen cake shipped from Wisconsin eleventeen days ago? We've had guests who come back to say that they never got a slice of the cake they ordered because their people ate everything so they need a bigger cake in the next go around, or that there were 2 cakes in the party and only ours was devoured. 

Last, know your people. There is a big difference when you are gathering a crowd of sugar- loving foodies and a crowd of mature individuals.

In conclusion, this question is hard to answer because it depends on 3 factors:

1. Who is cutting the cake?

2. Will your guests actually enjoy that cake you serve them that they come back for seconds?

3. Who is coming to the party?

I know I didn't really answer the question, but I hope this helps you decide on which direction to go. 

Have a sweet day!

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