Elopement Las Vegas and Cakes

It's no lie that Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world! Being in the wedding industry for a hot second now; however, we have noticed that it truly is more along the lines of... Las Vegas is the ELOPEMENT capital of the world!

Statistically, we marry over 150 couples each day. That is roughly about 54,000 weddings!

Why so many? There are a multitude of reasons why couples elope in Vegas but here is our top three:

First, they want a destination wedding so they don't have to feed so many people. Let's be honest, we want a truly memorable wedding but do we really have to invite Auntie Debbie from mom's cousin's third husband? It gets expensive and with this economy, we would rather buy a house.

Another reason why we are so big on elopements is because a destination wedding in Las Vegas is so convenient for all guests. The entire city is built to entertain all ages and stages!

Last, this big, bad city is so used to weddings. We have ministers, caterers, DJs and bakers ready to wed you within 24 hours. It is so easy to plan a wedding in Las Vegas. Our bakery works very closely with ELOPEMENT LAS VEGAS. They are the most sought out, premier elopement planners in the city! These ladies only work with the best of the best in the industry. All you have to do is fill out their questionnaires and they will hold your hold all through out planning, all the way to the altar if you need. They will marry you in the rain, in the heat and in the snow. There is no excruciating condition that they have not encountered before. You know you are in good hands.

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Planner: Elopement Las Vegas

Venue: Resorts World
Photographer: Elizabeth Le Photography
Florist: A Wong Events
Officiant: Gayane M
Cake: Rolling in Dough Bakery
HMU: Amelia & Co


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