Earth Day and COVID at the Bakery

Let's talk Earth Day and COVID!


When we have discussions about conservation and sustainability, I always think about the amount of waste that restaurants and bakeries go through in a day. Lemme tell, yah... IT'S ALOT, and that is on a regular day. 

These days, COVID brings a new kind of demand for us bakeries- INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED items. As a store owner, I do not want any of my dry goods, like cookies, to be exposed to anyone's breathing. They used to be in a one way glass shelf where guests can point and ask items to be packaged. We have decided to package everything now. We have regular and snack size boxes. Guests have also requested cake pops and other pastries to be in individual boxes and wrapped. All I can think of is, welp, there goes the reducing packaging and conservation. 

So, here is my thought, how do we keep conservation and sustainability going in the time of COVID? How do we keep everyone safe, but at the same time take care of the Earth? 

Photo by: Michele Sylvester

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