Lead Time

Operating a commercial kitchen presents production challenges, which is why we require advance notice of at least 48 hours on most orders. In our fast-paced world powered by services such as Postmates, Uber, GrubHub, and other on-demand services, this can be a surprise to some customers. Each cake we work on is unique, requiring individual attention by our skilled artisans. For cakes, this can be as many as three people, a baker, a builder, and a decorator. Dessert orders for cookies, cupcakes, and other treats are also given the same care. 

We understand that it can be hard to plan ahead and the only sure thing about managing a household, is that a schedule happening exactly as planned is more often the rarity than the norm. So if you're looking to grab something in a hurry, give us a call to see what is available or visit us in-store for ready made options that might not be listed online. We have cakes, cupcakes, and other treats always available!